Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time goes by way too fast!

It feels you spend a lot of money and then its gone within 5 minutes! Scott and I had a wonderful Christmas =) It was our first Christmas together as a married couple (well sort of...) See I did the whole "try to please everyone thing" which turned out pretty good....but soooo exhausting!! We have a lot of family and I said yes to everyone, however on Christmas Eve at work Scott texts me I just want to spend time with just you and have Christmas with just you. I TOTALLY never even thought about that (I know i'm horrible) So I tried to change plans, but didn't work. So on Christmas Eve, we both got off work. I went to pick up Lucille's (YUM!) and we ate dinner together. Then we read our scriptures and we were gonig to call it a night. Then we figured we weren't going to have anytime to celebrate Christmas on Christmas day. So we decided to open our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve (probably never again, but it was pretty exciting!). Scott scored with some pretty cool gifts, like the softest robe EVER, xbox pj's, guitar hero world tour, juicer recipes (LOL), and then a full massage at Glen Ivy (WITH ME!). I also scored, I got the GT Xpress 101 (yes another infomercial product!!HAHA), then I even got the whole pie crust and filler for the GT Express, THEN I opened another box and to my suprise it was ANOTHER GT Xpress 101 (see with infomercials, usually its buy one get one free or call within the next 10 minute and receive the free gift) Well...I got both! haha. I also made out with an awesome P2 Mp3 player, its touch screen and what not, I'm not all high tech so I'm still getting used to it! We had so much fun just being together and giving each other hugs and kisses after each gift. Then Christmas Day came, I woke up at 6 to bake fresh cookies and then we went to.....
My Aunts house
My Dads House
Scotts parents house
Scotts sisters house

Our day began at 7am and ended around 9pm

It was really great seeing loved ones and watching the nieces and nephews patiently (haha right?) waiting to open gifts. They were all so cute and I'm so glad everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

The day after, Scott and I went to go get our massages (AMAZING!!) However Brea mall=disaster!! It was way crowded. So after we got our massages, Scott and I never communicated to each other what we were going to do, like if we were going to take our time and go into the steam rooms or what not. So I just got dressed and checked out. Well 30 minutes later Scott comes out...I was like what the heck took you sooo long!! Well he went into the jacuzzi, steam room, then decided to shave. I couldn't stop laughing so hard!! Anyway we had a wonderful Christmas and we hope everyone else did too!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tag I'm it!

So Shawna and Shannon both tagged me in their blogs so now I feel double the obligation to fulfill their wishes =) I am a very random person as friends know which makes conservations with me a delight. Basically I'm supposed to write 6 random things about myself so here it goes.

1. I am probably the most ticklish person alive! It takes barely any movement or touch to tickle me. When I know someone is going to tickle me I make these awful noises that are just so hard to describe because I know whats going to happen. It's quite funny. It's amazing what kind of a noise a human being can make haha.

2. I LOVE MATH. I love equations and get so much satisfaction of solving a problem. I love to investigate and put everything together. Nerdy..maybe?

3. So lucky for Scott I'm a great story teller when I'm asleep. Yes I sleep talk or as Scott would say I tell great stories when I'm sleeping. Sometimes I'm a dinosaur and sometimes I'm a mermaid, those are basically the start of my stories. However I do talk about food sometimes. I don't know what causes sleep talk, I should probably look it up. At least I don't snore =)

4. It took me the longest time to swallow pills. When I was younger my mother would give me pills and I would either
A. Hide them in drawers
B. Put them in the fake plants
C. Hide them behind the beds
D. Or any place available
I was ALWAYS sick when I was younger and I mean like pnemonia always sick so when my mom finally got the hint and found all my pills she would crush them up and mix them with ice cream and thats how I would take pills. I think this scores for RANDOM

5. Sometimes I can't read certain books because I get too much into the fairy tale life and wish I had it. For example, Twilight. I wanted Edward and everything he made Bella feel. Luckily Scott was willing to play along and be my Edward =) haha I won't go into more detail, but I just told him that he has to kiss me like he can't kiss me because he would to kill me...yes this was a very hard one to explain! hahaha.....So yes I obsess about books and have to read them at the right moment in time.

6. I have trigger finger along with that I am allergic to mostly EVERYTHING. My trigger finger is the most annoying thing I could EVER have and the Dr. still doesn't know how or why I got it. Trigger finger is the non scientific word for not its not like I go shooting..its a real medical problem lol. I am allergic to so much!! I am allergic to strawberries, dairy, apple juice, all medications ( I can only take one), and now I am possible allergic to wheat. Not just food, I also can't use certain soaps, detergents and face wash. Hopefully my kids get Scotts genes, he's only allergic to Red 40 (red dye) random.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm a sucker for infomercials!

So Scott and I live off of 13 channels of television. So when it's late at night and we just want to snuggle, infomercials are ALWAYS on. So Scott feel in love with the Jack La Lanne's Power Juice, it's AMAZING! Like I've stated in the previous post.

Then I felt the desire to work out and bought the Terbo Jam DVD...haha I know. Scott wasn't so happy since I went out and bought an elliptical and basically have not used it, but I am very determined to work out now! So Tonight I did the Terbo Jam and OH BOY it kicked my butt. Maybe I should start with the fact that I while I was baking cookies, I thought to myself I should not eat these I should work out so I did! Now I'm stuck with a bunch of cookies but I feel great after the workout!
I have No been banned from the television!Haha!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Semester is coming to an end!

So this semester was such a breeze in the beginning then all of a sudden 4 weeks before it's going to end chaos begins! I have had essay after essay and test after test!! I just got done writing two essays, taking 3 tests, and doing two projects and now I have 3 10 pages essays due this week!!

On a more uplifting less stressful side we bought a new TV! We bought a 52" LCD 10180 something like that...haha I'm just not into electronics=) Another GREAT investment was the JUICER!! OH MY! I will NEVER buy juice again its so amazing and not only do you get pure juice you receive all the nutrients and vitamins that are in the skins of fruits and vegetables.
Heres a pic of our TV..sorry I'm not sure how to change the format..I did it on my phone =)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh California....

This picture was taken by my good friend Jessica. She lives really close to the temple, luckily I was able to send her a text this morning to give her a heads up. This is a picture of all the protesters in front of the temple. One of the signs said "Mormons are gay"...hmmm doesn't make sense. I pray for the best to come out of this, but there is a reason why the prophets have all told us to keep a food storage, have family home evening, read our scriptures, say our prayers, and go to the temple, etc. As you can see in the picture no matter what the temple still shines =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday I got a text from my sister-in-law Carolyn saying she was in the hospital. I was hesitant whether we should go up because I didn't know if it was going to be a false alarm! Well I'm so glad we went because Carolyn did perfect timing! We arrived around 7:30 and the nurse said she was in labor and to wait in the waiting room, so we went to wait and I got to see all the babies. Then I got a text from Abi saying the baby was born! The nurse said if she would have sneezed or coughed the baby would have came out! SO LUCKY! We got to meet Hailey Brooke Soto! Mommy and baby are doing well! Carolyn didn't even look or seem like she just had a baby! We are so glad we got to be there and share some laughs with them!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why is it so difficult?

I'm trying to manage my time but I feel like I'm failing. It's so hard and especially with my personality that strives on being the best. Right now my schedule is:

Wednesday-School and Work
Friday- Work
Saturday- Work

And at the sametime I'm trying to be a great student, a better wife and fulfil my wifely duties, fullfilling my church calling,trying to control my immune system, hoping that I don't have Rhematoid Arthritis (which I should find out soon!), and taking care of Chloe.

It might not seem like a lot but I feel very overwhelmed. I think mostly its because I talk to people who either 1. Their parents pay for everything like school, car, etc. 2. I want to go out and play, but when I do I feel guilty and think I should be studying.

I guess writing this post isn't helping me with my time since in a few minutes I will be taking a midterm and then an hour after that another one=)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home Alone!

So Scott had to go to a class for work this weekend. He was only gone from Friday 6pm- Saturday 8pm so I would call that in total a day? lol. Basically it was my first night alone and sleeping by myself in 6 months. I'm not going to lie I don't do good by myself, I get anxiety sometimes and I hate to admit that I'm afraid of the dark. I must be growing up though because I totally had so much fun doing nothing! I watched wife swap and super nanny, and played on the computer. When it came time for bed I arranged all the pillows around me (maybe I shouldn't be admitting this lol), slept with my glasses on, cell phone in one hand, and the night light on). After about 2 hours I realized I was fine and took off my glasses threw the pillows off, and grabbed Chloe to come lay with me. We had a perfect night to ourselves! I can't say Chloe had the greatest time, I bugged her the whole time...I call it pay back b/c she does that to me =)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Couple weeks ago...

We had my sister-in-laws baby shower. Everything worked out and was very cute. I'm glad I got to contribute on that special day!
We also had a wonderful opportunity to go to Conference. We went to the Saturday after noon session, there was I able to see my friend Dani (haven't seen her in months!). It was such a spiritual weekend. We then went over to see where some of the Fisher's were buried in Utah and met up with my father-in-laws cousin, Sherry. We had such a great weekend and we feel so blessed!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So Scott and I have been to like 5 weddings since we have been married. It seems that everyone was so polite in feeding their spouse cake! Now I never expect anything less from Scott, but I thought at least someone else would receive what I got!! Here is a picture of Scott Fishers steps in feeding me cake...

1. First cut the cake

2. Pretend to fed your wife a slice of cake

3. Smash the piece into your wifes face and making sure it goes everywhere and in her nose.

4. Have the laugh of vicotory while you look at your wife


Chloe =)


You cry when I shut doors for privacy. We put the "No Scratch" spray like everywhere so you don't scratch, but instead you lick it and scratch everything to death. You knock over everything and think its funny as you put your butt in the air and run away. You go crazy and start growling as you run into walls. You jump on the counter when you know your not supposed to. You jump the walls and I think its because you get bored. You always greet Daddy every day and pur for him. You like to snuggle by him and play with him. I hope cat you understand that I'm the one who cleans your poo, feds you, and makes my hand available for you to bite. I do love you Kitty and I'm glad you ended up in our home =)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

So my lovely friend Britney introduced me to Twilight back in November. I finished all three books in 1 week and I felt that I needed to share them with others also =) Two in particular that I shared them with was my sister in laws. So we planned on going to the Premiere at the bookstore and receiving the book at 12 midnight! Well I decided to take a nap for only 10 minutes...then Scott came in to bug me....then we both ended up falling asleep. So I woke up at 10 in a panic. I ended up picking one of my sisters up and then we all meet at the Fisher house and drove over. The average age was hmmmm about 15? There were a whole bunch of girls/guys screaming out of control, dressed up, and had face paint. We got our numbers which were 199, 200, and 201. We patiently waited in line for I think 45 minutes? I can't really remember, but we ended up getting the book and it was only $14 I couldn't believe it! By the time I got home, Scott was patiently waiting for me and wanted to say prayers and read. I told him he could read me Breaking Dawn, but he preferred the scriptures =) So by the time we finally got settled it was 2! I think that's the longest I've been up for a long time =)

Saturday came and I was extremely exhausted. I woke up really fast hurrying to get ready for the temple. Our friends Shawn and Shannon were receiving their endowments at 1:30. Well we left at 10 and about half way there...more like 90% way there...I realized I forgot my recommend. Now this is very bad bad bad on my part because I ALWAYS ask Scott " Do you have your recommend?" and he ALWAYS says "Are you really asking me that Christie, this is like the 4th time." So low and behold I forgot mine and my loving husband will never forget that =) We had a wonderful opportunity to escort both Shawn and Shannon. It was a great session and by the end of it I was starving, so we ended that spiritual note with In-N-Out.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some things don't change

So Scotts friend DeAnne tagged me! I was lucky enough to hang out with all of Scotts old friends last night also! So I got a chance to see them again, since the first time was at our sealing which was a little awkward..haha jk it wasn't awkward, It just proves that you can meet some amazing people in the sealing room =) lol.

The tag is to simply mention 6 things about yourself so here goes.

1. One way I relieve stress is through BAKING. I LOVE baking. I could bake all day and all night. My baking turns out to good service work since Scott has to watch his figure =)

2. I HATE knee caps. You can not touch my knees at all nor will I ever touch yours. Theres something about knee caps that just gross me out..I know I'm weird....but whatever=)

3. I love to READ! I've been reading a lot this past year. I love to expand my mind with educational books and also the fiction stuff.

4. I talk in my sleep A Lot. It's not the typical conversation either. It's more on the lines of fairy tale, food, or what I need to do usually.

5. I am a social bug. I love to meet people and talk with them. I love making people feel good about themselves and reminding them of who they are. Scott doesn't really like to talk....well he talks around friends...but like when it comes to church, he's in and out. I on the other hand love to stay around talk to people and make sure the missionaries are fed =)

6. I am VERY ticklish! It doesn't take much to make me laugh. Scott literally will tickle me to the point where I become violent. I am esecically ticklish behind my knees and feet! If you even go in slowly to fake tickle me I will start to bust him and make sure that I am in a position where I can kick you hahaha.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The latest and greatest

So I haven't felt that we've been doing successful family home evenings. So I got this book that is family home evening for newly weds. So our first real family home evening was on Tuesday. What we did was a scavenger hunt. We had ten items on our paper like married life, yourself, spouse, strength in your marriage, etc. Then we had to find one thing that symbolized each different item. For example a key represented married. The key opens a door to a new chapter in life. It was so much fun! We smiled, laughed, cried(well I did), and it was just so wonderful. The one I loved that Scott did for me was on the strength of our marriage. He had a sponge bob and it talked. So he said it's not the sponge bob, but it what he's doing, he's communicated and that's one of our strengths. He's so clever! Then on the weekend we went to Disneyland. It was pretty intense and Scott fell in love with our picture on the Buzz Lightyear ride and just HAD to e-mail it to himself. Just for the record, the reason why my score is so low is because Scott turns the thing every time I finally get a good aim =)

Pretty intense huh?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lucky #133

Those of you who know me, know that I've been dancing since I was 2 1/2 years old. I have not kept all of my trophies because when you travel, the suitcase is only allowed so much weight. Our house has a small garage and it was time for me to get rid of my trophies. I took pictures and have a scrapbook I will put them in, but there were just too many. We counted a total of 133, that's how many I kept. My trophies included all kinds of different competitions like showstoppers, showbiz, car, dance rave, starpower, etc. My two beauty pageants are in there also. I won Ms American Scarlett and Ms. Tropicana. I will post pictures b/c they are funny...those were my only pageants and I won both...and I'm glad it stopped after that haha.

P.S. Please excuse the mess in the garage, we are working on it=)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Temple

This is how my day went...
I woke up and did not feel good at all, I felt dizzy, hot, cold, my finger hurt, and I was coughing. I toughed it out and left work at 3:30. I then quickly got dressed and was able to go to the 5:30 session with Scott where my friend Dani was receiving her endowment. This would have been my third time doing endowments. I could honestly say that third time was the charm. I was so much more relaxed and could feel the spirit. It was such a wonderful session. I can't wait for the rest of my friends to get married now=) I'm glad I was the first so I can be waiting on the other side for everyone else, so exciting!! Anyway, it was an awesome day and I love the temple so much. I just feel so blessed and so happy, but now I must rest my head and go to sleep. I can't wait to attend my first marriage sealing of Dani and her fiance Brendon on Saturday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is now 12:48 A.M. I just spent the last hour typing a really long descriptive post for everyone about how my lovely wife just talked to me in her sleep about pizza and fish. Odd I know but I love her! It was also about memorial day and my big accomplishment. Then while I'm type this stupid page went blank and I lost it all! So for those who really want to know, call me! cuz it's a lot faster to say than to type.
ok party people!
I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball! Peace!

ok i just noticed you can save drafts of what you type!! Whatever I do what i want! =]

Final Diagnosis

So since I've gotten back from my honeymoon in Cancun I have been having awful pain in my left pointer finger. Every night my finger would curl and I would not be able to straighten it. It hurt reallly bad. So my sister-in-law Carolyn thought I had a parasite because I wasn't feeling good either. Then that's when everyone started to say that they think I have one. Well I could not get to the Dr.'s with school and work so finally yesterday I couldn't take it I was in so much pain I went to the chiropractor to see if something was out of place. The end result was that I have a "trigger finger." I'm not gonna lie its pretty painful and annoying. Scott made me a homemade sling. He put two Q-tips together and then tied them under my finger so that I can't bend it. He is so creative! hahaha. I would never be afraid to be stuck with him on a stranded island lol.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting Old...

On Wednesday we celebrated my GOLDEN birthday. I turned 21 on May 21st. I got home late from work, Scott surprised me with flowers and my favorite kind of cake (and bakery!) Then we headed off to see my bestfriend at the macaroni grill. We ate then rushed home so I could study for finals. My parents are taking us out on Friday and we are going to celebrate one more time! Woohoo!!...but man was it a stressful week!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sooo HOT!!!!

So it's official, we are going to budget for an a/c. We do not have an a/c or a heater right now. We have been living off of one ceiling fan in the kitchen and one little portable which we put on the dresser at night to cool us down. On Sunday Scott got called into work (Even though he's not on call, welcome to family business right? lol). The church talks about how not to work on Sunday and other commandments which we should abide. Well I guess the only work that doesn't count is heating and air conditioning. It looks like the Stake Center's system was not cooling. See I want to try REALLY hard to believe that he does "service work" and is helping latter day saints out, However Scott gets paid overtime and the church gets charged....this is something I'm just going to have to overcome, I still think it's a little hypocritical? Maybe not and I'm just trying to live in a perfect world. SO I thought since Scott is working then I should go swimming right? I mean if he has to break it then I should! haha jk...I held my hurge to go bob in the pool. Instead I just sat there on the couch with fans blowing at me and drinking lots of water. Oh how the heat gets to me!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day!

Since last year Mother's Day has been the worst day for me. I get so grumpy and just hate it. My mom disowned me when I was 19. Last year was my first mothers day without my mom and now this was my second. Last year I was a little better since I had my grandma. However my grandma passed away so no mom, no grandma. I hated how everyone was so happy and loving their moms. It's a bitter sweet holiday. I think its great how everyone loves their moms and their moms are so grateful. One day my mom will love me.....until then I will just have to celebrate mother's day as a future mother =)

Sorry for the negativity

Finals, work, stress, blahhhh

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Book!

So this is what happens when Christie ditches class!! I was talking to my sister Carolyn about how I'm going to go reserve Breaking Dawn and that I would look into it. Well I went to the bookstore and bought Host, sorry Carolyn=) And I got to reserve 3 copies for my sister-in-laws and myself for Breaking Dawn! I'm so excited!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Go figure...

So Scott has been having so much laughter sleeping with me (the sleeping where you ZZzzzZZZzz) I talk in my sleep sometimes. My first episode, I rolled over and said, "I'm a mermaid" really loud as I snuggled up against him. HE willl NOT let that one down! This morning I guess I was really upset and this is what I said, "Ugh Steve wants me to go perform and a/c maintenance. What happens if something goes wrong?"(Incase you didn't know I work for his family company which is in the HVAC business but I am an AR/CSR)

With all my weird sleeping habbits I still manage to wake up and make my husband breakfast. (i know your probably thinking how long is this going to last)....i'm not sure but things are going good so far lol. This morning I made him a wonderful/healthy egg mcmuffin with cut up oranges and banana's and a glass of milk. It looked like this but MUCH healthier =) Yes it was so healthy that I set the fire alarm off this morning. I guess thats when I knew breakfast was done and that was Scott's call to come in and eat=0 hahaha

Then I made his lunch which was BOMB. I finally got enough ingredients to make a great sandwhich. I was so excited!

Tonight we are feeding the missionaries and I have a wonderful meal prepared.

I think its sad that I have to blog about food. It's because we don't have any fun baby stories to tell because well we don't have any lol and lately we haven't had time to do anything because of the demand with work. Why do you people get so angry when its hott and your air conditioner doesn't work and its 30 years old? haha=)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I need a new hair stylist

So I'm aloud to get my hair done now=) Oh marriage and bills are so much fun. However I don't want to go back to my hair lady. She charges me way to much and for the look I get ehhh...I can do better. So if anyone knows of a good hair stylist let me know!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1 Month Anniversary!

So they say time flies but BOY does time fly. I can't believe that I have been married for a month! That also means that it will be a month tomorrow since my grandma has passed away. It's amazing how life just goes and if you are not paying attention you miss a lot of things. Scott is such a great husband. He has always been a great boyfriend, fiance, and bestfriend, but its been so great to be with him 24-7. I'm sure he would say the same about me=) haha. I do need to start a hobby! I want to scrap book or go walking or do something. Scott plays Xbox a lot, and I love how he is so into it, however, I don't get it and fall asleep on the couch. I don't feel really productive.

I also have some great news!! I can't wait to share some official news with the blogging world, but I can't until things are official, but lets just say 2008 is not just great for me, but its great for family and friends=)

So I've only been to the temple 4 times in the last 2 months, I'm willing to take any takers who would like to go with me and Scott to the Newport Beach temple. I would go by myself, but i'm still warming up and would love to have a girlfriend around=) I have not been in that temple yet, only to get sealed. So please let me know =)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Haircut

So on Tuesday it will be a month that we have been married! My bestfriend Lauren came over tonight to give Scott his first hair cut as a married man ;-) We normally just do the buzzers....but Scotty received a very nice hair cut from Lauren! Thanks Lauren your the best!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A nice hott day deserves a....

So I've only been married for almost a month! Time DOES fly!! I have taken on this whole "wife" thing and I'm finally getting the hang of it! I could say that my favorite thing to do is cook! I've cooked every night so far minus two! One night Scott cooked and the other...well my potato soup didn't work out so Pizza Hut saved the day =)
Anyway, when I first bought the blender about 4 months ago, I discovered how wonderful Orange Julius's are! So when my handsome, dirty(he's a hvac technician), sexy husband comes home I could have the nice cold beautiful orange Julius waiting for him=)

Here is the recipe, it's so simple and its a great refreshing drink!

1cup milk
1cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
6 oz of frozen orange juice
8-10 ice cups
blend it on "frozen drinks" and as Emerald would say "BAM!" it's delicious!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Ward!

We attended our new ward two Sunday's ago. The first Sunday we were not able to attend all our classes and basically went for sacrament then ran out. I didn't know how to feel about the ward at first. Scott and I both said we will just attend the La Mirada ward so we would still be in the Whittier Stake and since we already knew people it was just easier.
We decided to give our new ward another try on Sunday. It was sooooo amazing! There are 5 young married couples who all greeted us at the same time with open arms! We attended our first marriage class together then it was off to Relief Society. It was soo beautiful! The spirit was there and I was so happy. After church we talked for a few minutes with the couples who had approached us and already they invited us to an activity!

So on Tuesday night (two daysago) we went bowling at 300 bowling in La Habra. It was sooo much fun!! We had such a good time meeting the couples and hanging out. I'm so excited that we are starting our new family and a new ward! Thanks to all that were so nice to us and welcomed us with open arms! We are loving it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Pictures

So Scott is working really hard right now cleaning up so I thought I would come post some of our wedding pictures=)

We have been super busy with school and work. I have not been motivated to go to my classes, so I decided to change my major. Scott has been busy with work. He has been on call this week. On Saturday he had emergency calls he had to go to and so I was home alone until 10. So I watched the movie Enchanted (which I LOVED!!!) and Harry Potter, it was great! Love being married to Scott it has been full of laughs and smiles =)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So we are officially married now!

The temple sealing was so beautiful. I felt like the sealer knew exactly who I was and yet all I did was shake his hand. I wouldn't have wanted to get married any place else but the temple. It was the best day of my life=)

Our honeymoon was great too! We went to cancun and stayed at the Royal. It was SOOOO romantic. We even got honeymoon massages on the beach and in the jacuzzi, it was amazing! Scott got food poisoning the last day and was miserable. I don't think he got out of the bathroom the whole night. He threw up so much, I said a prayer and read scriptures to him to try and comfort him.

As every knows, I'm a walking trial stick and when it comes to family things get rough. The night of my bachelorette party March 15, my grandma had a major stroke. She was sent to the hospital and was paralyzed on her left side, her speech was affected and she could barely talk and keep her eyes open. Her physical body was so hard to look at. Some background of my grandma: My grandma practically raised me. I lived with my grandma for 19 years. She took me to every fit modeling job, dance audition, commercial auditions, flew with me to do my tv series for 3 years, etc. My grandma played such a big part of my life. When she was in the hospital I went to visit her if not everyday, it was every other day. I would sit and hold her hand and recite the poems she taught me and only me when I was younger. I could not explain the bond I had with my grandma. The day of my wedding I went to go visit my grandma after we got sealed. She saw both scott and I in our wedding attire. I brought her a flower and gave her a kiss goodbye. She told me I looked beautiful and I asked her if Scott looked handsome and she knodded her head yes. On March 30, 2008 my most loving beautiful grandmother passed away. I knew she had so much power to old on for my wedding day. Death is a beautiful thing, for it is a birth into another realm. I love my grandma and miss her, I know that she is looking out for me. She is an amazing woman and offered so much here on earth, her time was up and she is in a better place. I am looking forward to doing her work in the temple.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy =)

I will officially start counting down the days until I'm married on Feb. 29th.

I still have soooo much stuff to do for the wedding. I am making some progress though. I changed my colors for the LAST time..and yes even though some don't believe me when I say it...yes it's my LAST time!! At this point I could do nothing and i'd still be happy=)

I'm Sooo excited to be getting married in the Temple! I'm so blessed to have someone worthy of me and me worthy of makes it so special=) It's excited to know that i'm the first baptized and the first to get married in the Temple. It's going to be so beautiful to be there with family and friends.....thinking about this helps me with my stress of school work haha.

We have such a busy schedule for March.
March 1st Scott Bachlelor
March 8th Bridal Shower
March 15th Bachlorette-I can't wait its going to be so much fun!! Thanks to Carolyn and Karin!
March 22nd Temple endownment
March 29th married=)

So pretty much thats all thats on my mind.

Even though I have tons of school work, still lots of planning, and stacks of paperwork at work I'm still happy and so excited!!

I'm sure most of you can remember this feeling!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Closer!!

So it seems like marriage is right around the corner!! Congrats to like the other 10 people who are also getting married this year from Mar Vista Ward! I just want to say how blessed I am to be marrying Scott. Things haven't been going so smoothly lately, here are two of our best wedding moments:

1. Getting marriage license: We were both supposed to end work at 3 and well it looked like Scott wasn't going to make it. So by the time he told me this it was already 4:00. So in my head I was thinking oh perfect I'm going to work only 6 hours so I don't have to take a lunch break so I can just get something with Scott on the way. Well it worked out that I worked 9 hours with no lunch break! However I was a good sport=)

2. So we were getting the invitations ready(which we've had for almost a month) and then my bestfriend Lauren came over and asked to see the invitations. I showed them to her and she said "Chris you forgot the month." Yeah....hahaha so I had to make some minor adjustement and add like a "wedding program" that has the date on there.

Thank you to everyone who has been saying I've taken everything really well. I thought I could work, go to school, and plan a wedding, but it's a little harder than I imagined. I haven't even started to stress or get worried, I guess thats a good thing. It would have been easier if my mother was in my life....but things happen for a reason. I'm blessed with finding the gospel, loving friends, a good head on my shoulders, awesome sister-in-laws!, and a great future husband.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


So it's getting really close and I'm getting SO EXCITED NOW!! Today Karin and I went to the Bridal show in Brea. It was great! We had cake samples and got a lot of ideas. I LOVED the photo booth idea and also the videography. Then we were off to look for Bridesmaid dresses with Carolyn. It was a fun yet tiring girls day out. Meanwhile I can't wait for Scott to get home! He comes home today. He's going to be so impressed with how much I have accomplished and how much more money I need for the wedding=)