Monday, December 24, 2007

Star Wars

So it has taken Alan (Scott's dad) two years to get me to watch Start Wars. Last week I went over to deliver something to them and I ended up staying with them the whole night. Kendy and I went and delivered food to a family, made food for our family, and then we sat down and watched star wars. I watched one and then had so many questions that we popped another one in. Then I wanted more so we did another one. Well, through the middle of the 2nd one their home teachers stopped by. It was a big party bust lol. After about I think a half hour Alan got on his knees and said the prayer. Meanwhile its about 11:00 now. So after they left we finished the 2nd one. Well, I guess you know what happens next, we put in another one. Talk about movie night!! It was great! I had so much fun and never knew that I would ACTUALLY LIKE Star Wars. Half way through the third one I started getting tired, it was 1:45 am and I had to go to work the next day. A couple days past and then we were back on to movie night and I finished all of them!! I absolutely loved them!! I can't wait to watch them again!

Basically Scott has been playing vampire (Edward from Twlight) because one day I told him I was in love with Edward and now he plays with me and pretends to be my Edward =) HOWEVER now he's going to be my Jedi Knight hahaha
I'm so grateful to be marrying such an amazing guy who does little cute things to make me laugh!

Monday, December 3, 2007

What a morning!!

So I called in sick this morning because i'm not feeling good =( I went over to Scotts house to get my backpack so I could work on homework today. He was running late so I asked him do you want me to make you a lunch (which I LOVE doing), he said I was okay with that but then he changed his mind so I jumped into the kitchen. Well I took out the bread and saw an ant. I told Scott that theres not just one, well lucky us there were MILLIONS!! They were all covered on my perfect cookies I made Saturday night. I guess it was a sign for us not to eat the cookies, since we had so many already(well at least I did!). So here we are stuck with a million ants and its like 8 am. Well, there's no ant spray at Scotts house so this is what he told me,
Scott:"Just take the food away and kill them all and no more will come because theres no food."
Christie: "But I don't like bugs."
Scott: "Oh honey this will be such a growing experience for you, you can do it!"
Christie: "But I just want ant spray!"
Scott: "Good bye my love, have fun cleaning all the ants, you can do it!"

So encouraging huh! hahaha. So I finally remembered that I bought rubber gloves and put them under the sink. So I took them out and man was I killing like crazy. I could go so much faster with gloves on and it didn't bother me! =) Hence I'm still sick though =(
It's amazing how patient Scott is with me, now if the ants were spiders and Scott had to do it, oh boy that would be a totally different story! I hate ants as much as he hates spiders. Anywho, so that was my morning with my wonderful future husband encouraging this sick girl to clean the ants up for him and clean the house lol.