Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is now 12:48 A.M. I just spent the last hour typing a really long descriptive post for everyone about how my lovely wife just talked to me in her sleep about pizza and fish. Odd I know but I love her! It was also about memorial day and my big accomplishment. Then while I'm type this stupid page went blank and I lost it all! So for those who really want to know, call me! cuz it's a lot faster to say than to type.
ok party people!
I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball! Peace!

ok i just noticed you can save drafts of what you type!! Whatever I do what i want! =]

Final Diagnosis

So since I've gotten back from my honeymoon in Cancun I have been having awful pain in my left pointer finger. Every night my finger would curl and I would not be able to straighten it. It hurt reallly bad. So my sister-in-law Carolyn thought I had a parasite because I wasn't feeling good either. Then that's when everyone started to say that they think I have one. Well I could not get to the Dr.'s with school and work so finally yesterday I couldn't take it I was in so much pain I went to the chiropractor to see if something was out of place. The end result was that I have a "trigger finger." I'm not gonna lie its pretty painful and annoying. Scott made me a homemade sling. He put two Q-tips together and then tied them under my finger so that I can't bend it. He is so creative! hahaha. I would never be afraid to be stuck with him on a stranded island lol.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting Old...

On Wednesday we celebrated my GOLDEN birthday. I turned 21 on May 21st. I got home late from work, Scott surprised me with flowers and my favorite kind of cake (and bakery!) Then we headed off to see my bestfriend at the macaroni grill. We ate then rushed home so I could study for finals. My parents are taking us out on Friday and we are going to celebrate one more time! Woohoo!!...but man was it a stressful week!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sooo HOT!!!!

So it's official, we are going to budget for an a/c. We do not have an a/c or a heater right now. We have been living off of one ceiling fan in the kitchen and one little portable which we put on the dresser at night to cool us down. On Sunday Scott got called into work (Even though he's not on call, welcome to family business right? lol). The church talks about how not to work on Sunday and other commandments which we should abide. Well I guess the only work that doesn't count is heating and air conditioning. It looks like the Stake Center's system was not cooling. See I want to try REALLY hard to believe that he does "service work" and is helping latter day saints out, However Scott gets paid overtime and the church gets charged....this is something I'm just going to have to overcome, I still think it's a little hypocritical? Maybe not and I'm just trying to live in a perfect world. SO I thought since Scott is working then I should go swimming right? I mean if he has to break it then I should! haha jk...I held my hurge to go bob in the pool. Instead I just sat there on the couch with fans blowing at me and drinking lots of water. Oh how the heat gets to me!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day!

Since last year Mother's Day has been the worst day for me. I get so grumpy and just hate it. My mom disowned me when I was 19. Last year was my first mothers day without my mom and now this was my second. Last year I was a little better since I had my grandma. However my grandma passed away so no mom, no grandma. I hated how everyone was so happy and loving their moms. It's a bitter sweet holiday. I think its great how everyone loves their moms and their moms are so grateful. One day my mom will love me.....until then I will just have to celebrate mother's day as a future mother =)

Sorry for the negativity

Finals, work, stress, blahhhh

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Book!

So this is what happens when Christie ditches class!! I was talking to my sister Carolyn about how I'm going to go reserve Breaking Dawn and that I would look into it. Well I went to the bookstore and bought Host, sorry Carolyn=) And I got to reserve 3 copies for my sister-in-laws and myself for Breaking Dawn! I'm so excited!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Go figure...

So Scott has been having so much laughter sleeping with me (the sleeping where you ZZzzzZZZzz) I talk in my sleep sometimes. My first episode, I rolled over and said, "I'm a mermaid" really loud as I snuggled up against him. HE willl NOT let that one down! This morning I guess I was really upset and this is what I said, "Ugh Steve wants me to go perform and a/c maintenance. What happens if something goes wrong?"(Incase you didn't know I work for his family company which is in the HVAC business but I am an AR/CSR)

With all my weird sleeping habbits I still manage to wake up and make my husband breakfast. (i know your probably thinking how long is this going to last)....i'm not sure but things are going good so far lol. This morning I made him a wonderful/healthy egg mcmuffin with cut up oranges and banana's and a glass of milk. It looked like this but MUCH healthier =) Yes it was so healthy that I set the fire alarm off this morning. I guess thats when I knew breakfast was done and that was Scott's call to come in and eat=0 hahaha

Then I made his lunch which was BOMB. I finally got enough ingredients to make a great sandwhich. I was so excited!

Tonight we are feeding the missionaries and I have a wonderful meal prepared.

I think its sad that I have to blog about food. It's because we don't have any fun baby stories to tell because well we don't have any lol and lately we haven't had time to do anything because of the demand with work. Why do you people get so angry when its hott and your air conditioner doesn't work and its 30 years old? haha=)