Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home Alone!

So Scott had to go to a class for work this weekend. He was only gone from Friday 6pm- Saturday 8pm so I would call that in total a day? lol. Basically it was my first night alone and sleeping by myself in 6 months. I'm not going to lie I don't do good by myself, I get anxiety sometimes and I hate to admit that I'm afraid of the dark. I must be growing up though because I totally had so much fun doing nothing! I watched wife swap and super nanny, and played on the computer. When it came time for bed I arranged all the pillows around me (maybe I shouldn't be admitting this lol), slept with my glasses on, cell phone in one hand, and the night light on). After about 2 hours I realized I was fine and took off my glasses threw the pillows off, and grabbed Chloe to come lay with me. We had a perfect night to ourselves! I can't say Chloe had the greatest time, I bugged her the whole time...I call it pay back b/c she does that to me =)


Sundbergs said...

I hate to be home alone too. I relate.

Palmyra said...

Ha ha, you should try sleeping with a baseball bat; I used to be afraid as well, yet, after having Alex I have become braver. Maybe it doesn't count cuz he's a person...ok, so I'm still just as scared of being left by myself.