Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time for a little catch up!!

So it's been awhile and a lot has happened, but i'm not going to recap on everything, because my memory is very short term right now.

First off, I graduated!! I graduated but i'm not done with school. You may ask yourself then how did I graduate? Well, i'm finishing off my internship right now. I will completely be done with school on August 3rd. Right now I have to complete my internship and my portfolio, then I will be done. Btw, I hate my internship. Hate is actually a strong wrong....I guess I dislike my internship. If I wasn't interning with one of my bestfriends, Kimi, then I would hate it. As you all know, or don't know, I'm a very organized person. This facility is very chaotic and it's extremely difficult for me to be there. Plus, I didn't sign up to baby sit and have kids talk back to me, but oh well =)

Second, I celebrated my 23rd birthday and Scott celebrated his 29th! I can't believe it's been five years since I met the love of my life.

We have also made two Havasu trips so far this summer and had a blast at both!! I absolutely love Havasu and would go there every weekend if I could. I can't wait to buy my first wave runner and boat. Those are on my dream board and one day I will get them!!

I can't forget that one of my best friends Danielle Jenkins Reesor had her baby!!! It's so weird for me to see my friends have babies because it just hits me that we are all growing up so fast!! However, I love hearing labor stories. Is that weird? I don't love to hear the pain or stuff like that, I just like hearing details so I know what to expect. I was lucky enough for Dani to walk me through each Dr. appointment she had and labor details. Which means I will be holding off to have a child for right now ;-) lol.

I have found a new love for Harry Potter and will be awaiting my vacation to Florida to enter into the new theme park. I love reading and right now it's been so nice to just read for fun and not because I have to read. I want to start reading the Harry Potter books, but for right now I will stick to the movies!

I will try to be better and posting things and pictures, but working full time, interning, and going to school are taking up most of my time. Oh and I can't forget being a wife =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling baby hungry?

So it seems like EVERYONE is having a baby right now! I must say I feel a little left out, but on the flip side I will be accomplishing a lot this year, and a baby will not be one of them.

This year I will be receiving my BA in Family Life Education and a minor in Child Development. It seems that I have been in college forever, but I must admit I LOVE IT! I've always been addicting to learning, but now that I'm finishing I can feel a little bit of anxiety. Though I love to learn, I hate working. I am such a wonderful hard working, but that works to my disadvantage because I become a workaholic. Ever since I started working I can't stop. I always have to have my work done before I leave, I make deadlines days before they are due, and go out of my way to get things done. Yes, I call this a flaw because I think about work on a daily basis and sometimes its hard to relax. So the question I ask myself is where do I fit a child into this crazy life? I have not found that answer yet, hence my statement above regarding no children this year.

I do want to say congrats to one of my good friends Danielle Jenkins Ressor! She's pregnant and is having a boy! It seems like just yesterday we were working together, going to church dances, and asking each other for dating advice! Now we are both maried and she's having a BABY!

Other exciting news is that my bestfriend Lauren is getting married in August!! I love her dearly, but hate that she's so far away!! It's always harder, for me, to keep in touch when I don't see people daily like at school or work because my mind gets full w/the craziness of my days.

So in 2010 I will celebrate a wedding, baby, and me graduating!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So its been awhile, I don't have the excuse of a busy life of kids..but I do have the excuse of working over 32 hours plus school full time and taking care of two kitties =)

So here's a little update!
Scott and I went on a cruise to Alaska w/our friends Shawn and Shannon. We had a lot of fun and were able to go to Skagway, Juneau, and Victoria Canada. We also went through this one area where we were able to see glaciers, but do to safety issues we couldn't go all the way through because the water was iced up.
So the fact that it was my first cruise I did pretty good. I didn't sleep the first night because I was just waiting for the sign that the ship was sinking and I didn't want my life to end like Jack and Rose from the Titanic. I also got sea sick only 2 times out of 7 days, so not bad!!
Oh I forgot, we ported out of Seatle, Washington, so before we left to go to the airport we went on a little tour of Seatle.

These are some pictures from our train ride in Juneau

Yes I was the photographer. It didn't take long for everyone to hate my picture taking =)

This is on our way to Juneau. If you look closely you can see a glacier

Tracy Fordg where it was iced up and you could see glaciers!

Below is my favoriate picture! You can see the sky and clouds through the light hitting off the sea!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Temple trip

On Saturday we attended a session at the LA Temple with Scott's sister Carolyn and her husband Abraham. It was a packed session (and yes we were in the last row). There were many people receiving their endowments in the session also. It was neat to see the smiles on the girls faces as they were preparing to marry their companions. It reminded me of when I went to the temple for the first time and had Scott right there. I would always look at him and have this huge smile on my face. I realized that in every session I still do the same. If I glance eyes at him he sends me a wink back and I give him this huge cheesy smile with watery eyes (I can't wink, its more like a twitch thats not very attractive or suttle lol). How blessed I am to have married him in the Temple and to receieve those blessings. Going to the temple brings me so much closer to him. When I first got married I wanted to keep getting married (of course to Scott!) because I never wanted that feeling to go away. I've realized that the feeling never goes away and how grateful I am for that and each time we attend the Temple just makes me fall more in love with him.

Yes, we are still newly weds However , I do not believe there's such a thing as "the newly wed phase" I believe when you first get married you are on cloud nine and nothing can come between you, but then you realize certain things and learn to communicate more. The feelings I felt the day I got married grow stronger each day and I know that as we keep the Lords commandments and follow his teachings that our happiness and love for each other will grow and that we can work anything out between us. I know that if I do these thigns that I will be in that "newly wed phase" (people call) for the rest of my life. =)

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am parasite free!! What a LOOONGGG Journey just in time for out great adventure to Alaska!! I have 14 days until school and 18 days until Alaska!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Parasites still?

Oh boy, so after so many different Dr.'s (8 to be exact) and so many different diagnosis. I never believed any of them. Even when I went to the Dietitian and she told me I had them, she did this test of my meridians through my hands and I could not believe it. After a year of basically depression, anxiety, severe pain, stomach issues, and weight gain the conclusion is I am invested with parasites. I have had them with me for over a year now (from our honeymoon in Mexico) Not only do I have parasites, but now Fungus in me. Parasites and fungus are linked together by the way. ANYWAY, my 9th Dr. was AMAZING!! A True blessing. Right now I am taking all natural supplments to kill and pass them, gross right? They are tiny, not worm like, or else Iw ould have been dead lol I will find out exactly what I have probably next month, but they are just amebas as far as we know right now. I also found out that I am alergic to grains, oats, soy, rice, wheat, and corn (for right now). The parasites have taking all the minerals out of my body, and have done major damage to my body. I have been so swollen and inflammed for a year that I just had enough so I'm looking forward to feeling "good" whatever that feels like<~~I have totally forgotten!!! Right now I have to be on a "stage 1" diet. Which is just meats, vegtables, and eggs. I can not put anything on the meat or vegtabels eithe rjust salt and pepper. I'm REALLY trying to get creative, but its hard, it IS getting easier though. I just hate it when people around me can eat yogurt, fruit, or bread, it makes me crave it, but I have been strong and only splurged once! =)

So sometimes prayers do take a year to be answered, and sometimes we do have to struggle physically and mentally. I know my faith has been so week and my hope was gone. So given this trial has really helped me grow and be able to trust the Lord.

Other than that, we have been doing good. It's summer so its HOT which means we are BUSY. We went to Havasu for Fourth of July with the family, it was great, hot but great. I can't believe the summer is almost gone!! However, that does mean that we will be leaving for Alaska soon!! Scott told me I need to take more pictures =/ So I am going to try my hardest!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whats next?

Warning: context may be graphic

I have never been to the Dr.'s so many times in my life! The last 4 weeks I have been to the Dr.'s 4 times, and not be choice. Ever since I got back from my honeymoon I have been miserable and in pain whether its just joints (elbows, hands, or knees) or my abdominal. I have had to pee in the cup more than twice and be checked for hemorrhoids (which is like the worst procedure EVER!!). I take Scott in to the Dr.'s room with me in case I forget to say something. At this point in time I am very frustrated and in pain. I have been diagnosed with 5 different things and then the test results came back negative but I get to hear "by your physical symptoms" you definitely have "this." When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis the specialists sent me a referral to see a stomach specialist. Well I never went b/c I didn't like the Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. and she made me feel like I was dying (I'm in denial w/everything by the way lol) Well my last two trips to Urgent Care said I had to go see him. Well I did and next week I will be having the honors of getting a colonoscopy. Now I just turned 22 and this procedure is for people 50 and over. So you can imagine when I was waiting in the Dr.'s office the average age was 70 lol. I can tolerate pain that I'm going through, but I CANNOT tolerate pain people due to me like needles, pelvic exams, hemorrhoid exams, shots, etc. SOOOOO this should be fun!! I hear the worst part is cleaning your system out, but honestly what i have experienced in a year I think I'm pro haha. Anyway WISH ME LUCK!