Monday, May 19, 2008

Sooo HOT!!!!

So it's official, we are going to budget for an a/c. We do not have an a/c or a heater right now. We have been living off of one ceiling fan in the kitchen and one little portable which we put on the dresser at night to cool us down. On Sunday Scott got called into work (Even though he's not on call, welcome to family business right? lol). The church talks about how not to work on Sunday and other commandments which we should abide. Well I guess the only work that doesn't count is heating and air conditioning. It looks like the Stake Center's system was not cooling. See I want to try REALLY hard to believe that he does "service work" and is helping latter day saints out, However Scott gets paid overtime and the church gets charged....this is something I'm just going to have to overcome, I still think it's a little hypocritical? Maybe not and I'm just trying to live in a perfect world. SO I thought since Scott is working then I should go swimming right? I mean if he has to break it then I should! haha jk...I held my hurge to go bob in the pool. Instead I just sat there on the couch with fans blowing at me and drinking lots of water. Oh how the heat gets to me!!!

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Justin & Amber said...

Ok so about the swimming thing...yesterday I had my graduation from CSUF and it was sooo hot with the black cap and gown so when we got home I "accidently" fell in the pool. Get it? I know it was bad but I was so hot! Im so sorry you dont have AC. At Costco they had one of those window ones, it wasnt bulky and it was a really good price. I think it was under $200. Tell your husband to get on it!