Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feeling baby hungry?

So it seems like EVERYONE is having a baby right now! I must say I feel a little left out, but on the flip side I will be accomplishing a lot this year, and a baby will not be one of them.

This year I will be receiving my BA in Family Life Education and a minor in Child Development. It seems that I have been in college forever, but I must admit I LOVE IT! I've always been addicting to learning, but now that I'm finishing I can feel a little bit of anxiety. Though I love to learn, I hate working. I am such a wonderful hard working, but that works to my disadvantage because I become a workaholic. Ever since I started working I can't stop. I always have to have my work done before I leave, I make deadlines days before they are due, and go out of my way to get things done. Yes, I call this a flaw because I think about work on a daily basis and sometimes its hard to relax. So the question I ask myself is where do I fit a child into this crazy life? I have not found that answer yet, hence my statement above regarding no children this year.

I do want to say congrats to one of my good friends Danielle Jenkins Ressor! She's pregnant and is having a boy! It seems like just yesterday we were working together, going to church dances, and asking each other for dating advice! Now we are both maried and she's having a BABY!

Other exciting news is that my bestfriend Lauren is getting married in August!! I love her dearly, but hate that she's so far away!! It's always harder, for me, to keep in touch when I don't see people daily like at school or work because my mind gets full w/the craziness of my days.

So in 2010 I will celebrate a wedding, baby, and me graduating!!