Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time goes by way too fast!

It feels you spend a lot of money and then its gone within 5 minutes! Scott and I had a wonderful Christmas =) It was our first Christmas together as a married couple (well sort of...) See I did the whole "try to please everyone thing" which turned out pretty good....but soooo exhausting!! We have a lot of family and I said yes to everyone, however on Christmas Eve at work Scott texts me I just want to spend time with just you and have Christmas with just you. I TOTALLY never even thought about that (I know i'm horrible) So I tried to change plans, but didn't work. So on Christmas Eve, we both got off work. I went to pick up Lucille's (YUM!) and we ate dinner together. Then we read our scriptures and we were gonig to call it a night. Then we figured we weren't going to have anytime to celebrate Christmas on Christmas day. So we decided to open our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve (probably never again, but it was pretty exciting!). Scott scored with some pretty cool gifts, like the softest robe EVER, xbox pj's, guitar hero world tour, juicer recipes (LOL), and then a full massage at Glen Ivy (WITH ME!). I also scored, I got the GT Xpress 101 (yes another infomercial product!!HAHA), then I even got the whole pie crust and filler for the GT Express, THEN I opened another box and to my suprise it was ANOTHER GT Xpress 101 (see with infomercials, usually its buy one get one free or call within the next 10 minute and receive the free gift) Well...I got both! haha. I also made out with an awesome P2 Mp3 player, its touch screen and what not, I'm not all high tech so I'm still getting used to it! We had so much fun just being together and giving each other hugs and kisses after each gift. Then Christmas Day came, I woke up at 6 to bake fresh cookies and then we went to.....
My Aunts house
My Dads House
Scotts parents house
Scotts sisters house

Our day began at 7am and ended around 9pm

It was really great seeing loved ones and watching the nieces and nephews patiently (haha right?) waiting to open gifts. They were all so cute and I'm so glad everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

The day after, Scott and I went to go get our massages (AMAZING!!) However Brea mall=disaster!! It was way crowded. So after we got our massages, Scott and I never communicated to each other what we were going to do, like if we were going to take our time and go into the steam rooms or what not. So I just got dressed and checked out. Well 30 minutes later Scott comes out...I was like what the heck took you sooo long!! Well he went into the jacuzzi, steam room, then decided to shave. I couldn't stop laughing so hard!! Anyway we had a wonderful Christmas and we hope everyone else did too!

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