Saturday, April 25, 2009

My cure for chocolate

I do not like mangoes, and I bought these for Scott because on his Mission he ate Mango's all the time and since they were "Philippine mango's" I really had to buy them. However, I found myself eating them one day on accident lol and I now am able to eat those and not have chocolate! It's the weirdest thing! I really can't even look at chocolate and go "mmm thats good" I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing lol.

Seeing the light!!

I had the craziest week of school ever!

Since I only go to school Tuesday and Thursday that means everything is due and tests are always Tuesday and Thursday. Well one week, which was last week, I had 3 papers due on Tuesday and on Thursday I had 2 oral presentations and 1 test. My oral presentations went well. Of course they were stressful to prepare, but I don't get nervous presenting..I know weird right? So my first presentation was on Blended Families which was SO easy since I am part of a blended family in many ways. Then my next one was on a book presentation for preschoolers. The funny thing about this one was that I totally just walked up to give my presentation not realizing that I gave my teaching my rubric as I stood up which meant I didn't have any notes to follow. However I am Christie and I pulled it off so well that no one knew that I didn't have my rubric. This is because I can talk my way into anything =) So following the two presentations was a test that I had to take. I honestly studied all my notes and the book but when it came to the short answer questions I honestly thought they were in another language. If I do not know a word I try my best to dissect it. So my questions were:
What is object permanence?
What is binocular vision?
What is vocable?
I forgot the fourth question.
Anyway, so I dissecting binocular vision…I thought about vision looking through binoculars LOL then vocable I thought vocab and vocal….hmmm haha something to do with words? Anyway these questions were 5 points each which meant a total of 20 points. I got a 84 on the test..which mean my dissecting worked or my teacher took pitty on my answers =)

Right now I am working on a feltboard presentation and 3 10 page papers =) Meanwhile Scott received his 2nd degree black belt and is working and playing video games like a champ lol.