Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy =)

I will officially start counting down the days until I'm married on Feb. 29th.

I still have soooo much stuff to do for the wedding. I am making some progress though. I changed my colors for the LAST time..and yes even though some don't believe me when I say it...yes it's my LAST time!! At this point I could do nothing and i'd still be happy=)

I'm Sooo excited to be getting married in the Temple! I'm so blessed to have someone worthy of me and me worthy of makes it so special=) It's excited to know that i'm the first baptized and the first to get married in the Temple. It's going to be so beautiful to be there with family and friends.....thinking about this helps me with my stress of school work haha.

We have such a busy schedule for March.
March 1st Scott Bachlelor
March 8th Bridal Shower
March 15th Bachlorette-I can't wait its going to be so much fun!! Thanks to Carolyn and Karin!
March 22nd Temple endownment
March 29th married=)

So pretty much thats all thats on my mind.

Even though I have tons of school work, still lots of planning, and stacks of paperwork at work I'm still happy and so excited!!

I'm sure most of you can remember this feeling!

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