Saturday, September 20, 2008


So Scott and I have been to like 5 weddings since we have been married. It seems that everyone was so polite in feeding their spouse cake! Now I never expect anything less from Scott, but I thought at least someone else would receive what I got!! Here is a picture of Scott Fishers steps in feeding me cake...

1. First cut the cake

2. Pretend to fed your wife a slice of cake

3. Smash the piece into your wifes face and making sure it goes everywhere and in her nose.

4. Have the laugh of vicotory while you look at your wife


Chloe =)


You cry when I shut doors for privacy. We put the "No Scratch" spray like everywhere so you don't scratch, but instead you lick it and scratch everything to death. You knock over everything and think its funny as you put your butt in the air and run away. You go crazy and start growling as you run into walls. You jump on the counter when you know your not supposed to. You jump the walls and I think its because you get bored. You always greet Daddy every day and pur for him. You like to snuggle by him and play with him. I hope cat you understand that I'm the one who cleans your poo, feds you, and makes my hand available for you to bite. I do love you Kitty and I'm glad you ended up in our home =)