Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How do you stop working?

I really try and be the best at everything I do, and its more like an addiction more than anything. I try so hard to do what I am suppose to then in some way I give myself too much to do and then become overwhelmed. As I was laying in bed on Sunday thanking Scott for doing the dishes, Laundry (2 loads), cleaning up, folding clothes, yes I can go on lol, I was telling him how I do way to much and do not have time to focus on the little things.

I have my AA already for school, I'm just working on my double major in Child Development/Family Studies and Family Life Education. I then want to get my credentials. I was thinking about getting a certificate in Gerontology, but right now I am volunteering at an Assisted Living and I am sure that is something I do not want to do =)

So my point to this is, my loving husband sat down to have a talk with me. My controlling needs of doing everything, trying to become the bread winner (I know its not possible) and be a wife is not working. He was very kind about me doing too much and not focusing on the important things. I told him that I have to bring in a pay check, he told me no. The more he told me no it was like telling a little kid they can't have candy. I cried and cried because I need to work no question about that. I can not stand to not get a pay check. I need to control my money by saving saving saving. If I do not have my own pay check I can not save and get things that I want lol. I know that sounds selfish, but working is addicting for me. Of course since we have been married for almost a year this month, the baby question came about. I asked him if would mind that we wait until he is 30 (which is only 2 years lol). He said he's not going to be thirty. So now I have to humble myself and realize that I do not have to try so hard to make money and be a bread winner with him. It might sound crazy, but it's going to be the most humbling experience for me. I think more humbling than when I was homeless.

So I need some advise to cope with being a stay at home Mom in the near future =)