Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Semester is coming to an end!

So this semester was such a breeze in the beginning then all of a sudden 4 weeks before it's going to end chaos begins! I have had essay after essay and test after test!! I just got done writing two essays, taking 3 tests, and doing two projects and now I have 3 10 pages essays due this week!!

On a more uplifting less stressful side we bought a new TV! We bought a 52" LCD 10180 something like that...haha I'm just not into electronics=) Another GREAT investment was the JUICER!! OH MY! I will NEVER buy juice again its so amazing and not only do you get pure juice you receive all the nutrients and vitamins that are in the skins of fruits and vegetables.
Heres a pic of our TV..sorry I'm not sure how to change the format..I did it on my phone =)


Mrs. C. Robbins said...

Wow, You are a busy girl! I bet you are so glad it's almost over!! By the way, that sounds like a great T.V. Lucky. Love you buddy!

Established Feb 2, 2007 said...

Are you Going to the 5th (I think) annual Christmas party?

Established Feb 2, 2007 said...

Yes it is on the 20th. So it was Amanda. I am excited to see everyone!

Established Feb 2, 2007 said...

no kids for me!!!! Well I might bring baby. Who knows. ok we will see you there!!!