Saturday, July 25, 2009

Parasites still?

Oh boy, so after so many different Dr.'s (8 to be exact) and so many different diagnosis. I never believed any of them. Even when I went to the Dietitian and she told me I had them, she did this test of my meridians through my hands and I could not believe it. After a year of basically depression, anxiety, severe pain, stomach issues, and weight gain the conclusion is I am invested with parasites. I have had them with me for over a year now (from our honeymoon in Mexico) Not only do I have parasites, but now Fungus in me. Parasites and fungus are linked together by the way. ANYWAY, my 9th Dr. was AMAZING!! A True blessing. Right now I am taking all natural supplments to kill and pass them, gross right? They are tiny, not worm like, or else Iw ould have been dead lol I will find out exactly what I have probably next month, but they are just amebas as far as we know right now. I also found out that I am alergic to grains, oats, soy, rice, wheat, and corn (for right now). The parasites have taking all the minerals out of my body, and have done major damage to my body. I have been so swollen and inflammed for a year that I just had enough so I'm looking forward to feeling "good" whatever that feels like<~~I have totally forgotten!!! Right now I have to be on a "stage 1" diet. Which is just meats, vegtables, and eggs. I can not put anything on the meat or vegtabels eithe rjust salt and pepper. I'm REALLY trying to get creative, but its hard, it IS getting easier though. I just hate it when people around me can eat yogurt, fruit, or bread, it makes me crave it, but I have been strong and only splurged once! =)

So sometimes prayers do take a year to be answered, and sometimes we do have to struggle physically and mentally. I know my faith has been so week and my hope was gone. So given this trial has really helped me grow and be able to trust the Lord.

Other than that, we have been doing good. It's summer so its HOT which means we are BUSY. We went to Havasu for Fourth of July with the family, it was great, hot but great. I can't believe the summer is almost gone!! However, that does mean that we will be leaving for Alaska soon!! Scott told me I need to take more pictures =/ So I am going to try my hardest!!