Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tag I'm it!

So Shawna and Shannon both tagged me in their blogs so now I feel double the obligation to fulfill their wishes =) I am a very random person as friends know which makes conservations with me a delight. Basically I'm supposed to write 6 random things about myself so here it goes.

1. I am probably the most ticklish person alive! It takes barely any movement or touch to tickle me. When I know someone is going to tickle me I make these awful noises that are just so hard to describe because I know whats going to happen. It's quite funny. It's amazing what kind of a noise a human being can make haha.

2. I LOVE MATH. I love equations and get so much satisfaction of solving a problem. I love to investigate and put everything together. Nerdy..maybe?

3. So lucky for Scott I'm a great story teller when I'm asleep. Yes I sleep talk or as Scott would say I tell great stories when I'm sleeping. Sometimes I'm a dinosaur and sometimes I'm a mermaid, those are basically the start of my stories. However I do talk about food sometimes. I don't know what causes sleep talk, I should probably look it up. At least I don't snore =)

4. It took me the longest time to swallow pills. When I was younger my mother would give me pills and I would either
A. Hide them in drawers
B. Put them in the fake plants
C. Hide them behind the beds
D. Or any place available
I was ALWAYS sick when I was younger and I mean like pnemonia always sick so when my mom finally got the hint and found all my pills she would crush them up and mix them with ice cream and thats how I would take pills. I think this scores for RANDOM

5. Sometimes I can't read certain books because I get too much into the fairy tale life and wish I had it. For example, Twilight. I wanted Edward and everything he made Bella feel. Luckily Scott was willing to play along and be my Edward =) haha I won't go into more detail, but I just told him that he has to kiss me like he can't kiss me because he would to kill me...yes this was a very hard one to explain! hahaha.....So yes I obsess about books and have to read them at the right moment in time.

6. I have trigger finger along with that I am allergic to mostly EVERYTHING. My trigger finger is the most annoying thing I could EVER have and the Dr. still doesn't know how or why I got it. Trigger finger is the non scientific word for not its not like I go shooting..its a real medical problem lol. I am allergic to so much!! I am allergic to strawberries, dairy, apple juice, all medications ( I can only take one), and now I am possible allergic to wheat. Not just food, I also can't use certain soaps, detergents and face wash. Hopefully my kids get Scotts genes, he's only allergic to Red 40 (red dye) random.


Marcia said...

I bet he's sensitive to more than one dye! Red #40 is made from petroleum and so are the other synthetic dyes. He just doesn't get enough of them at one time to make the reaction show up!

Palmyra said...

Mermaids eh? I guess that's not too bad, kinda cute actually. I like stories too, still, let me know if you ever find out what it is that makes people talk in their sleep.

Tyler & Aly Carey said...

and then its hard just cooking for two bc most of the recipes sre for more ppl and then you dont wann have left overs so what do you do? eat it all lol i have seriously gained olike 20 pound in like 5 months lol