Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day!

Since last year Mother's Day has been the worst day for me. I get so grumpy and just hate it. My mom disowned me when I was 19. Last year was my first mothers day without my mom and now this was my second. Last year I was a little better since I had my grandma. However my grandma passed away so no mom, no grandma. I hated how everyone was so happy and loving their moms. It's a bitter sweet holiday. I think its great how everyone loves their moms and their moms are so grateful. One day my mom will love me.....until then I will just have to celebrate mother's day as a future mother =)

Sorry for the negativity

Finals, work, stress, blahhhh


shawnnon said...

We had fun clebrating future mothers day!

Melanie said...

Cute background!! Where did you find it? I would love to have the link! Check out our blog at:

How's married life??