Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So we are officially married now!

The temple sealing was so beautiful. I felt like the sealer knew exactly who I was and yet all I did was shake his hand. I wouldn't have wanted to get married any place else but the temple. It was the best day of my life=)

Our honeymoon was great too! We went to cancun and stayed at the Royal. It was SOOOO romantic. We even got honeymoon massages on the beach and in the jacuzzi, it was amazing! Scott got food poisoning the last day and was miserable. I don't think he got out of the bathroom the whole night. He threw up so much, I said a prayer and read scriptures to him to try and comfort him.

As every knows, I'm a walking trial stick and when it comes to family things get rough. The night of my bachelorette party March 15, my grandma had a major stroke. She was sent to the hospital and was paralyzed on her left side, her speech was affected and she could barely talk and keep her eyes open. Her physical body was so hard to look at. Some background of my grandma: My grandma practically raised me. I lived with my grandma for 19 years. She took me to every fit modeling job, dance audition, commercial auditions, flew with me to do my tv series for 3 years, etc. My grandma played such a big part of my life. When she was in the hospital I went to visit her if not everyday, it was every other day. I would sit and hold her hand and recite the poems she taught me and only me when I was younger. I could not explain the bond I had with my grandma. The day of my wedding I went to go visit my grandma after we got sealed. She saw both scott and I in our wedding attire. I brought her a flower and gave her a kiss goodbye. She told me I looked beautiful and I asked her if Scott looked handsome and she knodded her head yes. On March 30, 2008 my most loving beautiful grandmother passed away. I knew she had so much power to old on for my wedding day. Death is a beautiful thing, for it is a birth into another realm. I love my grandma and miss her, I know that she is looking out for me. She is an amazing woman and offered so much here on earth, her time was up and she is in a better place. I am looking forward to doing her work in the temple.


Established Feb 2, 2007 said...

Congrats guys! Glad you are back!

SO SORRY to hear about your grandma, you are amazing and so strong!

Scotty, as for you... I am a little (a lot) upset you never introduced her to us earlier! I REALLY like her!!!!

Amanda said...

Your words about your grandma were just beautiful. I am tearing up right now as I read them. Christie, I am so happy you were sealed to Scotty in the temple. I know your grandma is so incredibly proud and happy for you too. Everything happens for a reason, and I know Heavenly Father let her hold on a little longer so that she could see you on your wedding day. Thank you for sharing that experience with us.

shira said...

Oh my goodness Christie! You are finally married! I remember we talked about our our men all the time when we worked together and now we're both married to them! Congratulations!

DeAnne said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandma Christie. I really admire your positive outlook about everything though. I was so glad to meet you at the wedding. Your sealing was beautiful, and even though I had never met you, I knew that you would be perfect for Scotty just from being there. I could tell by watching him watch you how much he adores you. I can't wait to get to know you better.

BubbaandM said...

Hi Fisher Family! I love the sound of that. You are such a beautiful couple in every way. We were honored to have had the chance in sharing your special days (sealing and endownment). Sorry to hear about your sweet gma. We are thinking of you both and send you our love. What a joy it is to have the knowledge we have about life and death.

We need to get together for a double date soon! Call us.