Saturday, January 26, 2008


So it's getting really close and I'm getting SO EXCITED NOW!! Today Karin and I went to the Bridal show in Brea. It was great! We had cake samples and got a lot of ideas. I LOVED the photo booth idea and also the videography. Then we were off to look for Bridesmaid dresses with Carolyn. It was a fun yet tiring girls day out. Meanwhile I can't wait for Scott to get home! He comes home today. He's going to be so impressed with how much I have accomplished and how much more money I need for the wedding=)


Sundbergs said...

When is the big day. Are these your engagment pics? You look beautiful. We are so excited for you.

Amanda said...

I love your pictures! The bottom one is my favorite, with Scotty kissing you. So cute!