Monday, December 24, 2007

Star Wars

So it has taken Alan (Scott's dad) two years to get me to watch Start Wars. Last week I went over to deliver something to them and I ended up staying with them the whole night. Kendy and I went and delivered food to a family, made food for our family, and then we sat down and watched star wars. I watched one and then had so many questions that we popped another one in. Then I wanted more so we did another one. Well, through the middle of the 2nd one their home teachers stopped by. It was a big party bust lol. After about I think a half hour Alan got on his knees and said the prayer. Meanwhile its about 11:00 now. So after they left we finished the 2nd one. Well, I guess you know what happens next, we put in another one. Talk about movie night!! It was great! I had so much fun and never knew that I would ACTUALLY LIKE Star Wars. Half way through the third one I started getting tired, it was 1:45 am and I had to go to work the next day. A couple days past and then we were back on to movie night and I finished all of them!! I absolutely loved them!! I can't wait to watch them again!

Basically Scott has been playing vampire (Edward from Twlight) because one day I told him I was in love with Edward and now he plays with me and pretends to be my Edward =) HOWEVER now he's going to be my Jedi Knight hahaha
I'm so grateful to be marrying such an amazing guy who does little cute things to make me laugh!

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