Monday, May 25, 2009

And the semester has ended!!

I am so glad to be over!! I have exactly one year to graduate!! Majority of people know I can NOT make up my mind at times it can be really frustrating, so I thank those who put up with me, especially Scott =) So technically I should have graduated this semester but I went from a Psychology major to a Math major, then a Liberal Studies Major, then a Double Major in Family Life Education and Child Development. So that explains why it has taken me this long. My final verdict is I am finishing up my major in Family Life Education and I have just completed my minor in Child Development along with my GE credits and Capstones. The longer I stay in college I do feel smarter. So I have a quick break before Summer School starts. With all the budget cuts I have to try and get into all the classes and take summer and winter now. However, they did raise the prices, so for me to take one summer class which is 3 units its $800!!! It will be worth it I think...haha.

So right now Scott has been working hard and we were in the process of trying to buy a house. We love our condo, but we want to try and take this advantage of the houses being low.

As for my health, I have been in so much pain that I went to urgent care the other day and they were just RUDE! They only wanted to hear one symptom and disregarded all the rest. Then all they did was like look up symptoms on the computer, kind of like a webmd thing. So they sent my urine sample in and that's it. So the result is, I am still in pain, not a happy camper!! So at this point I am diagnosing myself. The only thing I have to really work with is I have high C-Protein. It should be under .8 and mine is at 1.47. So those disease of inflammation consists of diet and exercise. So I am in the process of doing a food elimination test and also I can only have fruit, veggies, and proteins.

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