Thursday, February 5, 2009

My new addiction....

So I haven't been able to do much..which is depressing, however we have been streaming Hero's. We have just finished the first session and we are on the second, it's so AMAZING w/out commercials!!

I also have an addiction to be a super hero..I know weird right? haha...well after watching all these hero's I really want to like regenerate, be able to read peoples minds, or maybe just fly? Am I asking for too much? I guess I chose a more realistic ability for right now that ability is to be a witch....due to the dr.'s.....this is why...

You know to change Dr.'s when:
1. You call and ask for your lab results b/c the Dr. told you to and the nurse speaks as a middle man saying "the Dr. already gave them to you." ((which I had Scott go w/me and when I asked him he said the Dr. said my results weren't in and that I needed to call))
2. You call up b/c of side effects that are unusual and they prescribe you ANOTHER medication (when they just put you one THREE!)
3. When you say "I'm on three medications and allergic to blah blah blah medications would that affect the new medication you want me to be on?" and the nurse replies with "No I don't think it should be a problem."
4. Your Dr. asked to see you back just to see your results from the TB test and prescribe the medication and to bring my husband w/me...and then THEY CHARGE ME!!! ((yes I threw a fit...but got my way and didn't have to pay =)

Yes I am now stuck with R.A and side effects that are affecting me and more pain than I started with.


Steelefamily said...

oh my word, BAD Doctor! Ok so yes, I am still in YW. I am also going to Youth Conference. R U? THat would be AWESOME!

Mrs. C. Robbins said...

that show can be addicting! I miss you Christie!