Monday, December 3, 2007

What a morning!!

So I called in sick this morning because i'm not feeling good =( I went over to Scotts house to get my backpack so I could work on homework today. He was running late so I asked him do you want me to make you a lunch (which I LOVE doing), he said I was okay with that but then he changed his mind so I jumped into the kitchen. Well I took out the bread and saw an ant. I told Scott that theres not just one, well lucky us there were MILLIONS!! They were all covered on my perfect cookies I made Saturday night. I guess it was a sign for us not to eat the cookies, since we had so many already(well at least I did!). So here we are stuck with a million ants and its like 8 am. Well, there's no ant spray at Scotts house so this is what he told me,
Scott:"Just take the food away and kill them all and no more will come because theres no food."
Christie: "But I don't like bugs."
Scott: "Oh honey this will be such a growing experience for you, you can do it!"
Christie: "But I just want ant spray!"
Scott: "Good bye my love, have fun cleaning all the ants, you can do it!"

So encouraging huh! hahaha. So I finally remembered that I bought rubber gloves and put them under the sink. So I took them out and man was I killing like crazy. I could go so much faster with gloves on and it didn't bother me! =) Hence I'm still sick though =(
It's amazing how patient Scott is with me, now if the ants were spiders and Scott had to do it, oh boy that would be a totally different story! I hate ants as much as he hates spiders. Anywho, so that was my morning with my wonderful future husband encouraging this sick girl to clean the ants up for him and clean the house lol.


Amanda said...

Funny story...I too loathe bugs, yuck! I seriously have a dead spider in my garage right now that I have not disposed of because I can't stand touching them, even with a napkin. I heard through the grapevine that Scotty finally popped the questions. Woohoo! I am so excited for you two. I will email Scotty with my address. I wish I could go to the wedding, but I'll be here in Florida. I'll be home in a few days though, so we'll have to get everyone together.

Steelefamily said...

HAha, that is so funny. give me your email and I will invite you to our book forum. Natalie and I created the blog. When are you making me dinner. You never called me back.

Sundbergs said...

Hi Christie
It's Tyler and Melinda/ You look so cute. Congrats on your engagement that is awesome. We haven't seen you in forever. I want to meet your fiance too. We should all go to dinner sometime. You can find my blog link through Brittany.