Thursday, November 5, 2009


So its been awhile, I don't have the excuse of a busy life of kids..but I do have the excuse of working over 32 hours plus school full time and taking care of two kitties =)

So here's a little update!
Scott and I went on a cruise to Alaska w/our friends Shawn and Shannon. We had a lot of fun and were able to go to Skagway, Juneau, and Victoria Canada. We also went through this one area where we were able to see glaciers, but do to safety issues we couldn't go all the way through because the water was iced up.
So the fact that it was my first cruise I did pretty good. I didn't sleep the first night because I was just waiting for the sign that the ship was sinking and I didn't want my life to end like Jack and Rose from the Titanic. I also got sea sick only 2 times out of 7 days, so not bad!!
Oh I forgot, we ported out of Seatle, Washington, so before we left to go to the airport we went on a little tour of Seatle.

These are some pictures from our train ride in Juneau

Yes I was the photographer. It didn't take long for everyone to hate my picture taking =)

This is on our way to Juneau. If you look closely you can see a glacier

Tracy Fordg where it was iced up and you could see glaciers!

Below is my favoriate picture! You can see the sky and clouds through the light hitting off the sea!


Caleb said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'm soo glad you weren't sick the whole time. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are doing good! Oh, and those were really nice pictures!

Palmyra said...

Sorry that was me who posted, not Caleb. I didn't noticed he was signed in. ;)

Scott and Christie said...

I know we haven't seen you guys around either. We should get together sometime! Funny story though....Scott accidentally dialed Caleb in the morning at like 6...but luckily I think it went straight to voicemail!

Steelefamily said...

super cute pics