Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

So my lovely friend Britney introduced me to Twilight back in November. I finished all three books in 1 week and I felt that I needed to share them with others also =) Two in particular that I shared them with was my sister in laws. So we planned on going to the Premiere at the bookstore and receiving the book at 12 midnight! Well I decided to take a nap for only 10 minutes...then Scott came in to bug me....then we both ended up falling asleep. So I woke up at 10 in a panic. I ended up picking one of my sisters up and then we all meet at the Fisher house and drove over. The average age was hmmmm about 15? There were a whole bunch of girls/guys screaming out of control, dressed up, and had face paint. We got our numbers which were 199, 200, and 201. We patiently waited in line for I think 45 minutes? I can't really remember, but we ended up getting the book and it was only $14 I couldn't believe it! By the time I got home, Scott was patiently waiting for me and wanted to say prayers and read. I told him he could read me Breaking Dawn, but he preferred the scriptures =) So by the time we finally got settled it was 2! I think that's the longest I've been up for a long time =)

Saturday came and I was extremely exhausted. I woke up really fast hurrying to get ready for the temple. Our friends Shawn and Shannon were receiving their endowments at 1:30. Well we left at 10 and about half way there...more like 90% way there...I realized I forgot my recommend. Now this is very bad bad bad on my part because I ALWAYS ask Scott " Do you have your recommend?" and he ALWAYS says "Are you really asking me that Christie, this is like the 4th time." So low and behold I forgot mine and my loving husband will never forget that =) We had a wonderful opportunity to escort both Shawn and Shannon. It was a great session and by the end of it I was starving, so we ended that spiritual note with In-N-Out.

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Palmyra said...

I'm glad everything worked out in the end. That's pretty amazing about Shawn and Shannon. We were supposed to meet you guys later that night but the baby was crying on our way there and we decided to stay local. By the way, I'm wanting to read Twilight, I feel like I'm missing out, so many people are reading them!